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Performer Opportunity

The Second Stanisław Moniuszko International Competition of Polish Music

  • Discipline/Field: Piano and chamber ensemle
  • Deadline date: 14 May 2021 [Delivery Deadline] — Visit our current Opportunities for upcoming competitions, workshops and more.
  • Date held: 11 - 20 Sep, 2021
  • Location: Rzeszów and Warsaw, Poland
  • Total prizes: EUR 41,500
  • Entry fee: Pianist: EUR 100; Ensemble: EUR 150


Further Details

The Stanisław Moniuszko International Competition of Polish Music promotes the legacy of the nineteenth and twentieth century Polish music which has been forgotten or has been less popular in concert practice. Its objective is to present rediscovered works to the general public and provide this unjustly neglected legacy with appropriate analyses and new editions. The Competition equally endeavours to promote talented musicians who are willing to include lesser-known works written by Polish composers in their concert programmes.

The final aim of the Competition is to promote Poland as a meeting place of the international public during artistic events.

The Competition is held every other year and its successive editions may feature different sets of musicians and ensembles.


1. The Competition is organised by the Institute of Music and Dance.
2. Maxymilian Bylicki is the Director of the Competition.

3. The Competition is co-organised by the Artur Malawski Podkarpacka Philharmonic in Rzeszów.

places and dates
4. The Competition will take place at the Artur Malawski Philharmonic Hall in Rzeszów from 11 to 18 September 2021.
5. The Prize Winners Concert and the Awards Ceremony will be held on 18 September 2021. The Prize Winners Concert will also take place at the National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw on 20 September 2021. The prize winners are obliged to take part in the awards ceremony and perform in both Prize Winners Concerts. The prize winners shall be those participants who have received main prizes or honourable mentions.

general rules
6. The Competition is divided into two distinct categories:
a) Category I – intended for pianists;
b) Category II – intended for chamber ensembles (only instrumental, two to twelve musicians; the number of the musicians in an ensemble and the number of individual instrumental parts may not be changed during the course of the Competition).
7. The Competition accepts instrumental musicians applying as soloists (Category I) or chamber ensembles (Category II).
8. There are no age or citizenship restrictions. The winners of the main prizes (first, second or third place) may not take part in another edition of the Competition.

how to apply and be accepted
9. Applications must be submitted no later than on 14 May 2021.
10. The application process consists in filling in one of the application forms to be found online at www.konkursmuzykipolskiej.pl, under the correct category and linguistic version. Once all the required fields have been filled in and the form sent, the applicant will be notified by e-mail (at the address provided in the appropriate field) that the form has been sent, after which the applicant should confirm the application through the verification link found in the message. If the application is not confirmed in accordance with the above-mentioned guidelines, it will not count as a Competition application under these Rules and Regulations.
11. The applicant should include the following information in the appropriate fields on the form mentioned above:
a) a detailed programme for all the stages of the Competition, including the full name of the composer, the title of each composition (and its component movements, if applicable) and the duration of each composition (or its component movements); if the applicant has taken part in the Competition before, he or she may not include the compositions performed in the earlier edition(s). However, the applicant may reuse the programme, in full or in part, for the stage(s) for which he or she did not qualify in the earlier edition(s);
b) a biographical note on the participant or ensemble as an attachment in the form of an editable document having up to 3,000 characters including spaces, providing a description of the applicant’s music education and an outline of the previous professional activities in the field of music (featured concerts, prizes and awards from competitions, recordings etc.);
c) two photographs of the participant (in Category I – including at least one portrait-style photograph) or the ensemble (in Category II), with the resolution of at least 300 dpi, in JPG format and a mention of the full name of the photographer.
d) one link to a video recording, pursuant to section 12 hereunder;
e) a power of attorney or declaration, if applicable, pursuant to section 14 hereunder.
12. The application documents must be attached with a video recording presenting selected compositions from the programme specified by the applicant in the application form, 15 to 20 minutes long (excerpts from compositions will also be accepted). The video should be recorded with one immobile camera, without editorial cuts or modifications to the sound track. The recording may not contain musical works other than the ones selected for presentation in the Competition. The recording should be made available:
a) either as a file (AVI or MP4 format) in one of the public file-sharing service providers, with no registration or password requirements (e.g. Wetransfer, Cloudmail, Mega or Zippyshare),
b) or as an upload in one of the public online video-sharing platforms (e.g. YouTube).
13. The application forms specified in section 10 hereinabove will be made available at www.konkursmuzykipolskiej.pl.
14. Application for Category I of the Competition can be submitted on one’s own behalf or through a representative holding a necessary power of attorney. The persons with a limited capacity to legal transactions shall attach an appropriate declaration signed by their statutory representative or guardian.
15. Application for Category II of the Competition can be submitted by a person authorised to represent the ensemble. It is presumed that the person signing the application is authorised to do so by the necessary powers of attorney from the other members of the ensemble. If the ensemble has the status of a legal person, the application must be submitted by the person(s) authorised to represent it.
16. The submitted application for the Competition is construed as a contract made between the Organiser and the applicant. It provides for all the matters stipulated in the Rules and Regulations (Rulebook), including the copyright on the artistic performances in the Competition and the Prize Winners Concert, as well as the use of the pictures, comments and interviews recorded during, or in relation to, the Competition and the Prize Winners Concert. This contract is made on a conditional basis; it is concluded as soon as a given application is accepted by the Qualification Committee. As regards the ensembles without the status of a legal person, the contracts are entered into with all the persons specified in the application documents, pursuant to the presumed powers of attorney held by the person who submits the application on behalf of the ensemble.
17. Applications submitted after the deadline or otherwise failing to meet the requirements stipulated in the Rulebook and the Annexes thereto shall be rejected.
18. The Director of the Competition shall appoint a Qualification Committee, which shall:
a) make decisions as regards rejection of the applications mentioned in section 17 above;
b) evaluate the applications and the attached recordings;
c) qualify up to fifty (50) participants in Category I and thirty (30) participants in Category II of the Competition, including qualifiers from the preliminary round.
19. The Director of the Competition shall organise a preliminary round to select up to ten (10) qualifiers from each category. The place, date and rules for the preliminary round will be announced separately. The preliminary round is only intended for candidates from Poland construed as those candidates who are holders of Polish citizenship or the Polish Ethnicity Card (Karta Polaka), regardless of place of residence. However, Polish pianists and ensembles may also submit their applications according to the procedures stipulated in sections 10–12 hereinabove. The qualifiers of the preliminary round are exempted from the entry fee and are further awarded a scholarship to cover the costs of board and lodging incurred during the course of the Competition, in addition to a lump sum to cover the travel expenses.
20. The Organiser shall also reimburse the costs of the visit (board and lodging) incurred during the course of the Competition (from the opening of the Competition to the conclusion of one’s participation in the Competition) by those qualifiers who will go into the final stage (pianists – Stage III, ensembles – Stage II) and take part therein. The other participants shall bear the costs of their visit by themselves.
21. The Organiser shall not reimburse travel costs incurred by the participants of the Competition, with the exception of the travels specified in sections 19 and 41 herein.
22. Each participant shall be notified of his or her qualification on 1 June 2021 at the latest. The notification message containing the requisite permission to perform in the Competition shall be sent to the e-mail address provided in the participant’s submitted application. The list of the qualifiers shall also be announced on the official website of the Competition.
23. The qualifiers shall pay the following entry fees:
a) in Category I – PLN 450 (or EUR 100) paid by each pianist;
b) in Category II – PLN 700 (or EUR 150) paid by each ensemble.
24. Each qualifier shall be informed where (the number of the bank account) and when (the deadline) to pay the relevant entry fee in the notification message mentioned in section 22 hereinabove. The payments shall not be refundable. Anyone not paying the entry fee by the specified deadline shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Competition. The confirmation of the entry fee should be sent as soon as it has been paid, to the following e-mail address: biuro@konkursmuzykipolskiej.pl. Any and all bank fees that may be incurred by the transaction shall be paid by the participant.


jury and prizes
32. The Director of the Competition appoints, separately for each category, a Jury of the Competition consisting of distinguished Polish and foreign musical artists and musical personalities. The Jury is only authorised to make decisions with regard to the successive stages of the Competition, select the qualifiers, and award prizes and honourable mentions.
33. The official rules governing the work of the Jury shall be settled before the commencement of the Stage I auditions.
34. The decisions of the Jury are final and non-appealable.
35. Each participant shall be awarded a diploma certifying his or her participation in the Competition. In addition, the participant qualifying for the final stage shall receive a finalist’s diploma.
36. Three prizes and three equivalent honourable mentions shall be separately awarded for each category:
a) First Prize – EUR 20,000;
b) Second Prize – EUR 10,000;
c) Third Prize – EUR 5,000;
d) Honourable Mentions – 3 x EUR 1,500.
37. The following special prizes shall be jointly awarded in both categories:
a) a special prize for the best performance of a work composed by Stanisław Moniuszko – EUR 1,000;
b) a special prize for the best performance of a work composed by Władysław Żeleński –
EUR 500 euros;
c) a special prize for the best performance of a work composed by Henryk Pachulski – EUR 500 euros.
38. All the prizes are tax-deductible, pursuant to the laws applicable on the day of the awards ceremony. The taxes shall be paid by the Organiser.
39. The Jury shall award additional prizes in a separate announcement satisfying the will expressed by the sponsors of these prizes.
40. After the announcement of the results of the Competition, the Director of the Competition shall indicate the Prize Winners who will participate in both Prize Winners Concerts. Those Prize Winners who fail to attend the awards ceremony and those indicated Prize Winners who fail to appear in either of the Prize Winners Concerts will be deemed to have waived their right to accept any and all of the awarded prizes. In particular, such a failure relieves the Organiser from the obligation to pay the main prizes to the absentees.
41. The Organiser of the Competition shall reimburse the participants who will perform in the repeated Prize Winners Concert held in Warsaw the costs of travelling from Rzeszów to Warsaw, as well as the costs of the requisite accommodation in Warsaw in connection with the repeated Prize Winners Concert.

For more information, see the competition website.

Website: http://www.konkursmuzykipolskiej.pl/en/


Contact: Agata SZYMCZAK, IMiT - Head of the Communication Department , Stanisław Moniuszko International Competition of Polish Music

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