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Program note: Requiem USA (1993)

  • Jon Drummond
  • Source: Lament for A The Song Company 18 & 21 March 1993

Requiem USA (1993) Jon Drummond (b.1969)

The Gulf War occurred just over two years ago  yet only a few months ago the
United Nation once again bombed lraqi targets. The first UN bombing raids in
January of 1991 occurred at 3am, Baghdad time. This was 7pm prime time
television in America and instead of the usual game shows such as jeopardy and
Wheel of Fortune, the public watched live coverage of the air raids through the
ethereal blue-green light of image intensifiers. During the six weeks of the war, the
latest in military hardware and strategies became household words. During this
time the casualties on both sides were not made clear. Estimates of lraqi deaths
were between 25,000 and 50,000, while those of the USA were less than 100.

Requiem USA was written in response to these events. The text for the work was
derived from press releases, quotes from pilots and marines, statements by the us
military and government and other such sources.


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