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21 December 2020

Resignation of AMC's John Davis

John Davis at the 2014 Art Music Awards (<a href="https://micnet-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/images/static/john-2014-large.jpg" target="blank" alt="">larger view</a>) Image: John Davis at the 2014 Art Music Awards (larger view)  

The AMC's long-term CEO John Davis has resigned from the position he has held since 1995. The AMC's Board informed the AMC's staff and made the decision public earlier this week with this statement:

"After 32 years of outstanding service to the Australian Music Centre and the communities it serves, CEO John Davis has tendered his resignation. During the period of John's stewardship the AMC has played an increasingly significant role in recognising, supporting and promoting the diversity and richness of Australian music. He leaves the AMC in excellent shape following its successful bid for four-year funding from the Australia Council, announced in April 2020. The Board and Staff at the AMC acknowledge and thank John for his enormous contribution to the organisation and the Australian music community. John will be working with the Board over the coming months to assist with the handover, between now and the end of March 2021."

John Davis started his AMC career in 1989, and over the years developed an incomparable knowledge of contemporary Australian music in its many forms. His earlier roles as performer, composer and administrator, his natural curiosity and his rare people skills have helped him to develop strong relationships with composers, performers and ensembles, as well as music institutions and organisations. He has been active in linking the Centre with important international networks, including the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), and the International Society for Contemporary Music ISCM where he also served as president for a period of five years in the 2000s.

John's friendly presence will be sorely missed by the AMC's staff. He has been an experienced and trusted manager, a good friend, and an important mentor for numerous emerging composers who have over the years worked in the Centre in production and administrative tasks. His wide knowledge about Australian music is a resource not easily replaced.

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thank you John Davis for your marvellous work

An inestimable contribution to our music communities. Thank you so much John Davis for the time, generosity and focus you have given to so many individuals and groups. You will be greatly missed. With much appreciation, Andrée Greenwell.

With appreciation

Dear J.D.

Thank you for  playing such a integral role in supporting and nurturing the careers of so many artists, practitioners and elements of infrastructure in our community.

Its very difficult to imagine the AMC without you at the helm.

Music in Australia owes you a huge debt of gratitude and appreciation for the numerous ways you have given so generously of your time and enthusiasm toward all facets of our sector, and we are indeed fortunate to be among the countless recipients of your wonderful goodwill, practical advice and unquestioning support ever since you took up the position 32 years ago.

Your work has had a profound resonance that has shaped and nurtured the creative landscape of Australian music making, and your legacy will be forever held in the highest acclaim and regarded as a benchmark for those that follow in your footsteps.

Thank you for everything.

We wish you many happy fishing expeditions and all the very best for your future plans, 

Nigel and Jan Westlake.


John you are a legend, such an advocate for Aussie composers and musicians, 32 years is a long time and you deserve some R&R!! How we will go on without you is an interesting questions, but I guess we will just count ourselves incredibly lucky to have had you on our side for such an extended period of time. THANK YOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!  Jess Wells

An incredible legacy - thank you

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Australian composers, performers of new music and students of music over the years John. The AMC has featured heavily in my life, from when I was in high school right through to now in my mid-30s. It has such an important and remarkable place in Australian culture, offering an important cornerstone that connects a wonderful community.

What a time we're living through.... and what a time we're coming into; difficult and interesting, but all the more enriched by the accessibility to australian composition that you've championed over decades. Thank you.

Lamorna Nightingale

Thank you for your calm patience and generousity John. You have done such amazing things for us all! The Australian music scene would really not have been the same without your energy and intelligence. 

Amazing contribution

Congratulations, John, on an amazing contribution to Australian Music. 

Your support has been unwavering.

Thank you.

Warwick Stengaards

" His rare people skills...."

Charm and goodwill emanate from John. I am so glad and fortunate to have met John at art music gatherings and AMC functions, who has always been friendly and supportive, sometimes rushed on other business, but has stopped to say a quick hello.

His approachable nature has lent me confidence in my email correspondence with him about particular projects, in which John has been patient and helpful with really useful information and detailed pointers to various resources to get more specific support to completion.

These interpersonal qualities have had an inestimable effect on my self-confidence as a composer and event organiser.

Thank you John.

Thank you John Davis


Dear John,

I know you’ll always retain your involvement with the AMC, but after 32 years of dedicated and much appreciated stewardship, you’ve certainly earned a lightening of your load. Helen and I wish you much future happiness as, fishing rod in hand, you reflect over all you have achieved. On a personal level, we particularly thank you for your patient advice throughout our sticky dealings with a certain European publisher!

Very best wishes for 2021 and beyond from Helen and me,

Ross Edwards