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29 July 2019

Now available from the AMC Shop (July 2019)

Now available from the AMC Shop (July 2019)

Visit the AMC online shop to find sheet music, digital sheet music, CD recordings, books, education kits and other products by and about our represented artists. We stock products by a variety of labels, including Move Records, Boosey & Hawkes, ABC Classics, Tall Poppies, Rufus Records and plenty more.

New and recently released

The Little Green Road to Fairyland / music by Elena Kats-Chernin ; performed by Camerata (Queensland's Chamber Orchestra) with vocals by Katie Noonan (ABC Classics)

This ABC Classics release featuring music by Elena Kats-Chernin for soprano and chamber orchestra invites you on a magical journey into a world of fairies, dreams and enchanted trees, where love and music are more powerful than anything.

> View details and purchase this album from the AMC Shop at $25. AMC members get a 10% discount.

Australian Music Day 2018 : Program 2 resources / written by Tristan Coelho and Joanna Drimatis (MLC School)

This new, digital education resource features analysis and activities on music by Rosalind Page, Matthew Hindson and Elena Kats-Chernin. The resources, suitable for NSW HSC Music 2 students, include biographies, listening guides and composition tasks.

> View details and purchase this digital education resource from the AMC Shop at $29.50. AMC members get a 10% discount.

50 Chinese Folk Songs / Julian Yu ; Ke Lin, piano (Move)

This fascinating new album from Move features two collections of music by Julian Yu: 50 Chinese folk songs, arranged for piano by Yu; and 15 early piano pieces - a mixture of arrangements and compositions, all performed by Ke Lin.

> View details and purchase this album from the AMC Shop at $25. AMC members get a 10% discount.

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Sheet music available from the AMC Shop

Australian bird suite : for solo flute / by Rosalind Carlson

The native birds that live on Rosalind Carlson's property in Arcadia NSW inspired her Australian bird suite. The suite comprises of 6 movements, including 'Willy wagtail & English blackbirds' (AMEB grade 3, List A) and 'Silver spangled cockerels' (AMEB grade 3, List A).

> View details and purchase from the AMC Shop at $28.50. AMC members get a 10% discount.

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Eliza aria : for string quartet / Elena Kats-Chernin (Boosey & Hawkes)

Elena Kats-Chernin wrote her famous Eliza aria initially as part of the ballet Wild Swans, choreographed by Meryl Tankard for the Australian Ballet. Originally, the music was scored for soprano and orchestra and had its premiere in 2003.

The composer writes: 'The piece introduces princess Eliza and expresses her pure soul, innocence and faith in the good of the world. The piece is light in texture and uses very simple harmonies (it starts with just 3 chords A minor-C major-F major). Since then I transcribed it for piano solo, as well as for string quartet, clarinet quartet, violin and piano, clarinet and piano, flute and piano, etc... Due to the use of the original version in a TV advertisement in UK, it became well known there and has since been remixed by Mark Brown as well as other DJs, as well as made into a pop song (called "The Journey Continues" sung by Sarah Cracknell).'

This publication, now available through the AMC Shop, includes score and set of parts for the string quartet arrangement of the work.

> View details and purchase this score with performance parts from the AMC Shop at $46. AMC members get a 10% discount.

5 solos for flute and piano / Miriam Hyde (EMI Music Publishing)

This popular compilation includes Miriam Hyde's pieces on the 2019 AMEB flute syllabus: Beside the Stream (AMEB grade 6) and The little juggler (AMEB Grade 6 Flute, List D).

> View details and purchase this compilation from the AMC Shop at $22.95. AMC members get a 10% discount.

More little peppers / by Elissa Milne (Pepperbox Music)

The Little Peppers series by Elissa Milne features on the revised AMEB piano syllabus, grades preliminary to 3. In addition, students undertaking grades 4-5 can perform a number of pieces from the Pepperbox Jazz Book 1 & Pepperbox Jazz Book 2.

> View details & purchase this compilation from the AMC Shop at $21 + postage. AMC members get a 10% discount.

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Back in stock

Aubade : Australian music for strings (Jade Records)

Thanks to a new arrangement with Revolve records, we are pleased to bring you a number of previously out-of-print CDs. This popular compilation includes music by Colin Brumby, Eric Gross, Dulcie Holland, Robert Allworth, and more, with performers including Dulcie Holland, Betty Beath and Ann Carr-Boyd.

> View details and purchase this album from the AMC Shop at $18. AMC members get a 10% discount.

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three kinds of silence / Christine McCombe (Tall Poppies)

Christine McCombe is a Melbourne-based composer, teacher and writer, this CD contains four of her chamber works, all in world premiere recordings.

'…The process of revising, rehearsing and recording a new CD of my chamber music (three kinds of silence on Tall Poppies) gave me the opportunity to delve back into my compositional past and find the connecting strands between works that, on the surface, might seem quite unrelated…', wrote Christine McCombe on the AMC's Resonate magazine in July 2018.

> View details and purchase this CD from the AMC Shop at $25.30. AMC members get a 10% discount.

> Read McCombe's article on Resonate

Chi's cakewalk : new works for clarinets / Jason Noble

Featuring an all-Australian program of works for clarinet/bass clarinet, with or without piano/percussion, this CD is a must-have for clarinet players and HSC students. The compilation includes music by Matthew Hindson, Felicity Wilcox, Gerard Brophy, Corrina Bonshek and many other Australian composers.

> View details and purchase this CD from the AMC Shop at $30. AMC members get a 10% discount.

> Read more about this CD on Resonate

The Memory of Music / Andrew Ford

In this evocative and moving book, now back in stock, composer and broadcaster Andrew Ford shares the vivid musical experiences - good, bad and occasionally hilarious - that have shaped his life.

Harriet Cunningham wrote in her review: 'Ford investigates his memories, his music, how it makes him feel, how it makes others feel, like a questing bloodhound, piecing together exquisite details and fragile links with all the skill of an artist. Or a composer... Music is, of course, his constant companion and, on the way, he tries to answer questions about how it works. What is music? What does it mean? Can it be political? Why do I compose?'

> View details and purchase this book from the AMC Shop at $32.99. AMC members get a 10% discount.

> More details and reviews of the book on the composer's website

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