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27 February 2018

Errol Buddle (1928-2018)

Errol Buddle Image: Errol Buddle  

Multi-instrumentalist Errol Buddle (b. 1928 in Adelaide) died last week at the age of 89 at his home in Sydney. One of Australia's most successful jazz artists, judging by the list of his recordings and the calibre of people he worked with, and the venues where he played, Buddle started his professional career in his late teens, while at the same time picking up new instruments and conducting formal studies. In the 1950s he moved to North America, initially playing bassoon in an orchestra and increasingly saxophone with bands, gradually getting gigs in high-profile venues and appearing alongside some of the biggest names in jazz. He returned to Sydney after six years to continue his career on home soil, which he did for several decades, performing well into his 80s.

> Read an obituary by Eric Myers (originally published in The Australian on 28 February, above link to Eric's website with additional images)

> Listen to an extensive interview with Buddle, broadcast in 2013 as part of ABC RN's Into the Music series.

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Errol not Flynn

Such labels are always contentious, but who can seriously dispute that Errol was the best jazz musician to emerge from Australia? Anyone who can lead a band, let alone play in one, night after night with the likes of Elvin Jones and Pepper Adams, has to have something the rest of us can only dream about.


That long interview on RN is a real eye-opener for anyone who wasn't quite aware (as I wasn't) of all the things he achieved and the people he played with. 

Good ? ;Yes . Actually fantastic .

Errol Budddle was more than likely one of the worlds most accomplished and gifted  wind players on all instuments. He daily commited himself to hours of private study .

During the 47years I new him privately  and professionally he musically gave me the sound of constant surprise .

I will go on to declare him to be Australia's greatest jazz musician ; those that choes him to work with them is proof enough . The hand of God gave him the same birthday as Duke Ellington