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13 April 2022

A Statement from the Australian Music Centre

A Statement from the Australian Music Centre

The Board and Management of the Australian Music Centre acknowledge this difficult time in all sectors of the arts and creative industries, the hardest year ever for many of our creators and workers to navigate. This has shone a light on the importance of supporting and celebrating Australian music, its creators and Australian content in all areas of the arts and entertainment. Through composing, performing and creating, Australian musicians are intrinsic in reflecting our culture, and defining our identity as a creative, vibrant, diverse and modern nation.

We know that there is not a more crucial moment in our cultural history to celebrate the unique stories we must tell, and to advocate for Australian music and its value within our community.

The Australian Music Centre supports the calls for:

  • A national multi-year plan for the arts and creative industries.

  • Increased ongoing funding for the small to medium Art Music sector enabling more Australian and First Nations specific commissions; increased performance of Australian music commissions; development of programs for business and legal acumen; increased inter-disciplinary collaboration.

  • A strategic commitment from the Major Performing Arts companies to better engage, support, develop and showcase the broader range of Australian contemporary artists, especially our composers and sound artists. The AMC specifically calls for a First Nations "Artist in Residence" program as a priority.

  • Encouragement at all levels of government - local, state and federal - to recognise the cultural, social and economic importance of creative arts, and the role it plays in defining and understanding Australian life in all its rich diversity.

The Australian Music Centre would also like to emphasize the financial barriers that exist in relation to technological modernisation for Artists and Arts organisations.

The Australian Music Centre, in partnership with like-minded organisations in Australia and abroad, seeks to develop opportunities to build more sustainable livelihoods, with renewed skills and business acumen for our practitioners, while valuing creativity and the process of everyone's practice.

We are inclusive at the heart of everything we do and will create universal accessibility.

By collaborating and creating partnerships, the AMC aims to support artists to thrive. Every performance of an Australian artist's composition, every Australian performer who plays these compositions, every company that nurtures this talent, helps develop careers that are more sustainable, as well as further encouraging audiences to develop an enduring love of Australian music and musicians.


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Introducing Suzanne Mansour as Therapeutic Composer in Present Hard Times

Thank you for this great opportunity & chance to join & be part of The Australian Music Centre in such difficult times... All Creative Arts in general are deep & effective soul helpers focusing on releasing all types of pressures in order to be alive & to survive hard & stressful environment & inevitable situations. My music is such an example I have been told...